Past Event

Comic Mis-Adventures of Lewis and Clark

A Road Scholar Program by Brian (Fox) Ellis

Join the Corps of Discovery in this exciting blend of stories and song, journal excerpts and American Indian folklore. Equal parts stand-up comedy and musical theater, this program focuses on the scientific discoveries of the Corps of Discovery. Encountering grizzly bears and collecting soil samples, capturing prairie dogs and hunting for antelope, Lewis catalogued 122 new animal species and 178 new plants. In this original performance Fox sings the praises of the geology, diverse flora and fauna, and the web of life that binds us to the land. The expedition was first and foremost a scientific expedition and this program brings the scientific process to life. It can focus on birds, mammals, ethno-botany, the tribes along the river, the geology or include an even mix of these themes.

Brian "Fox" Ellis is a storyteller, author, and naturalist and has worked with The Field Museum, The Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library, and countless smaller county museums to provide docent and teacher training, develop curriculum, and present public programs. He is the Artistic Director of Prairie Folklore Theatre, a unique theatre company that celebrates ecology and history through original musical. Brian is also the author of eight books including, Learning From the Land: Teaching Ecology Through Stories and Activities, (Libraries Unlimited, 1997) and a new children’s picture book, The Web at Dragonfly Pond, (Dawn Publications, 2006).

This event is Free and Open to the public. For more information, please contact Roberta J. Morris, c/o Lake Cook Chapter, Illinois Audubon Society, 847.831.0331.