Past Event

City Bureau Public Newsroom with Angilee Shah

Over the past several months, Illinois Humanities’ Audience Engagement Fellows have been developing projects focused on fostering dialogue and collaboration between journalists and the people they cover. They shared their work at the People-Powered Publishing Conference last November, and they’re returning to Chicago this spring for two special installments of City Bureau’s Public Newsroom.

Angilee Shah is the digital editor for Global Nation, which covers immigration for and on the daily broadcast “PRI’s The World.” Built into the coverage is editorial decisions led by immigrants’ lived experiences. In this session she’ll lead a hands-on workshop that focuses on what you’re trying to achieve in your online communities – and how to get there, whether it’s through Facebook or not.

Global Nation began almost four years ago; they work to not only bring new authors into public media, but also to challenge notions of which stories are worthy of telling. Check it out at

About the Public Newsroom series

Once a week, City Bureau turns its Woodlawn office into an open space where journalists and the public can gather to discuss local issues, share resources and knowledge and learn to report and investigate stories in partnership with the South Side Weekly and Build Coffee. They bring in guest speakers and host workshops on things like how to use the Freedom of Information Act to obtain government records, how to find and analyze public data and how to tell your own audio/video stories-in addition to hands-on presentations, we explore issues ranging from narratives in media to culture + art and any number of ideas relevant to Chicago and the nation at-large.

For working journalists, the Public Newsroom is a place to find and shape stories in direct conversation with readers. For the public, the newsroom is a front-row seat into how journalism gets made, and a chance to impact the way your community is covered in the media.

If you require a sign interpreter or any other arrangements to fully participate in this program, please contact at least 72 hours in advance of the event.