Past Event

Chicago's housing crisis and a new form of activism?

Toussaint Losier and J.R., co-founders of the Anti-Eviction Campaign, will be joining us as our guest speakers. 

From Crain’s Chicago Business: “How Chicago’s foreclosure crisis led to guerilla activism” 

“In a feature running this weekend, the New York Times magazine tracks how Chicago’s housing crisis has ‘ignited a new form of activism.’ The article follows housing activist Willie Fleming — known as J.R. — in his efforts with the Anti-Eviction Campaign, an organization he co-founded in 2009 to take over abandoned properties and move ‘home-less people into the people-less homes.’ As the Times reports, Chicago’s foreclosure crisis has disproportionately affected a few largely black neighborhoods on the South and West sides…..What has the housing crisis revealed about Chicago?”

Questions for Consideration 

How can communities and residents work together to prevent or fight foreclosures and evictions? How is moving “home-less people into the people-less homes” an effective or problematic form of activism? Where have you gotten information about Chicago’s housing crisis? What is the media’s responsibility in reporting on this issue? How does the housing crisis impact you?

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