Past Event

Chicago Forum on Zimbabwe

This event is a community conversation featuring testimony by Zimbabweans, commentary and analysis by scholars and others with expertise on Zimbabwe and African affairs. There will be plenty of time for question-and-answer and audience commentary.

This meeting will help educate people about the situation in Zimbabwe andempower them to take action. There will be information on organizations involved in the struggle for change in Zimbabwe who need public support, as well as institutions and individuals who should be challenged, pressured or enlisted into action, and much more.


  • Nicole Lee – TransAfrica Forum
  • Bill Lucy – President, Coalition of Black Trade Unionists and Secretary-Treasurer, AFSCME
  • Elizabeth Mhangami – Dignity for Women of Zimbabwe Campaign
  • ArnoldTsunga – Director, Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights
  • Moderated by Prexy Nesbitt and James Thindwa

This event is co-sponsored in part by The Public Square at the Illinois Humanities Council.

For more information about this event, call Jobs with Justice at (312) 738-6161.