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Carbon footprints, climate change and international cooperation?

Café Society will meet at the Cultural Center on Wednesday, December 15

From The Skinny on Cancun: What’s Happening at the International Climate Meeting and What’s at Stake? by Tina Gerhardt

“This past year has witnessed some of the worst natural disasters, including the floods in Pakistan and the heat waves in Russia…Tim Gore, Oxfam’s EU climate change policy adviser and the report’s author, stated ‘This year has seen massive suffering and loss due to extreme weather disasters. This is likely to get worse as climate change tightens its grip. The human impacts of climate change in 2010 send a powerful reminder why progress in Cancún is more urgent than ever.'”

Questions for Consideration:

Why is there a need for all nations of the world to come together and discuss climate change? How will Americans and the rest of the world’s population be affected by decisions made by the U.S. government? If the U.S. fails to take action, what responsibility do individuals have to ensure that future generations can enjoy a planet free of pollutants and catastrophe? What can be predicted about the direction of our planet if nothing is done to take care of it? Given that the United States (5% of the world’s population) consumes up to 26% of the world’s energy, what steps can we take to lower our carbon footprint?

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