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Can Detroit be saved?

From the New York Times: “Come SeeDetroit, America’s Future” 

“So we went broke, bust, bankrupt. We’ve known that in Detroit for years. Only now it is official with a Chapter 9 filing last week. The biggest municipal default in United States history — at least $18 billion. Suddenly, America gives a rip. How did it get this way, I’m asked? After all, it was just 99 years ago that Henry Ford offered the workingman $5 a day and profit-sharing. How, in less than a century, did it come to this?”

Questions for Consideration 

What kind of impact will Detroit’s bankruptcy have on the city’s services? What can the city do to pay down some of its debts? What does the future look like for Detroit? How does Detroitserve as a lesson for other major cities including Chicago? What stories have you read about Detroit that run counter to the mainstream media’s portrayal?

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