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Café Society: Why Do We Compete?

During the past few weeks, people all over the world have come together to participate in a global competition of athletic skill, the Olympics. One athlete, Shani Davis, is the subject of a debate over his decision not to compete with his teammates in a speed skating relay in order to preserve his chances at winning a medal in an individual race. Was he wrong to choose his own accomplishment over his team?

Each of us has faced the choice to compete in many areas of our lives including school, family, sports and business. What motivates us to participate in or lures us as spectators of competition? Is the desire to compete innate or is it learned behavior?

Some experts believe that competition is a healthy way to engage with society as it builds character, self-esteem, and helps us achieve our goals. Others argue that it is counterproductive, poisons relationships, and fosters anxiety. How does competition affect us individually and impact our overall society?

What are the rewards and consequences for engaging in competition? What happens when there is no reward for winning? Is a defined “enemy” crucial to our motivation?

Join us this week at Café Society to tell us why you are or are not interested in competition.

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