Past Event

Café Society: What do Chicagoans want from our 2005 Legislature?

Last Tuesday marked the first day of the 109th U.S. Congress. New members of 2005 were sworn in and vowed to support and defend the Constitution.

It is now time for all the men and women who have been promising to represent our views and best interests to put their words into action. The issues of health care, social security, election reform, education, national security, immigration, the economy, and the war in Iraq that were argued at podiums in our school gymnasiums will now be debated in Washington.

Where do you stand? What do you want Barack Obama and Dick Durbin to be saying on your behalf about gay marriage in the Senate? Would you tell Rahm Emanuel, Bobby Rush, Jessie Jackson, Jr., Luis V. Gutierrez , or Danny K. Davis that you think our country should move towards having a broader or narrower global perspective?

The Public Square’s mission and focus for 2004-2005 is to promote participatory democracy and citizenship. In pursuit of that goal, The Public Square will draft a report from this week’s Café Society discussions to include participants’ thoughts on what is important for the 2005 Legislature. We will then send this document to Illinois senators and area representatives as a reflection of what Chicagoans feel the agenda should be for Congress.

Join us at Café Society this week to share your thoughts on the direction of our country.

For more informaiton, please contact Kristin Millikan at 312.422.5580.