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Café Society: The Right to Die

The debate over the right to life has again entered our national consciousness with the litigation surrounding Terri Schiavo and her husband’s efforts to have her feeding tube removed. While the media has focused on the issue of an individual’s right to choose life or death, this case, and the behavior of her husband, her parents and the various state and federal officials whom have chosen to involve themselves raise innumerable questions regarding the nature of personal liberty in this nation.

As the courts have ruled against those who believe that she should not be allowed to die, both Florida and U.S. legislators have proposed bills that would block the court rulings and forced her caregivers to sustain her life. One side views these actions as the moral duty of anyone who believes in the sanctity of life. The other has accused these legislators as using this emotional and traumatic dilemma as an opportunity for cynical political grandstanding. As these accusations are traded, there is precious little public discourse over the long-term effects that these actions will have on the life and death of our society as a whole.

Join us at Cafe Society this week to share your thoughts on euthanasia.

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