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Café Society: The New Face of Journalism - Hot or Not?

Hunter S. Thompson’s reminds us of how journalism is an ever-evolving entity. His unconventional methodology, termed “gonzo journalism”, redefined investigative reporting. While many columnists paid tribute to him in the last few weeks as an inspiration for their work, others feel he tarnished the integrity of the industry. What are the rules the govern over journalism? Are they too loose or strict?

Today, blogging is being debated over as the “new journalism”. A blog is similar to a journal where anyone can voice their thoughts, opinions, outrage and the occasional fact and is published on a webpage. Over the last year blogs have had a prominent impact on events including, most recently, outing Jeff Gannon as a faux news reporter.

How is journalism defined? What qualifies someone as a journalist? Are bloggers journalists? What is the responsibility of the writer to the audience?

Join us this week at Cafe Society to discuss the changing face of journalism.

This weeks articles:

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