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Café Society: The Iranian Conundrum

The current impasse over Iran’s development of nuclear weapons has roots stretching back to the Cold War realpolitik that emerged at the conclusion of World War II and the tumultuous decades that followed.

The United States has reportedly offered to negotiate directly with Iran in an effort to spur the stalled negotiations. While the major western powers involved in the talks have agreed to remove military action from the table for now, the heated rhetoric and diplomatic roadblocks flowing from both sides has kept the situation tense.

The Bush administration has categorically refused to accept a nuclear-armed Iran. The Iranian government has insisted on its right to peaceful nuclear development, and has denied that weapons are their ultimate goal. With the United States and Iran at an apparent deadlock, England, France and Germany have stepped forward in an attempt to bridge the gap between the two sides.

Where does the path of compromise lie? Is it possible for the United States and Iran to find middle ground that will allow the peaceful resolution of their differences? Given their past attempts to conceal nuclear research, can Iranian claims that their nuclear program is strictly civilian be believed?

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