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Café Society: The Contradictions of Sex

Sex is everywhere. It’s on commercials during football games and part of half-time shows. Movies, music videos, billboards, catalogues and magazines are flooded with sexually suggestive content. Sex is an important element in many relationships. There are over three thousand guidebooks for a better sex life on Amazon. Our email accounts are filled with spam for prescription medication for erectile dysfunction. At the same time, we place great value on monogamy while statistics show an overwhelming number of people have affairs.

However, speaking openly about sex or sexual imagery can be considered inappropriate and possibly immoral. Outrage over explicit this issue can translate into formal complaints registered, letters to political officials, or boycotts.

When considering culture in the United States, how do our views of sex and sexual images, and our sex lives relate to and contradict each other? How do they explain the saturation of the Internet with pornographic websites? What is the relation to sex trafficking and the thousands of abducted women and children whose lives are devastated each year as they are forced into sex work? How are issues of race intertwined with sex?

Join a Café Society discussion to explore the intricacies or our views of sex.

This weeks articles:

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