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Café Society: The Battle Over Public Television

Fighting Over Public Television

Public Television is and has been a part of many of our lives. It taught us the alphabet and affirmed our love of cookies. Little did we know as we debated over which muppeted character was tops on the playground, that it was also a political battleground.

PBS has long been criticized for having a liberal bias. In the past, using this argument, conservatives futilely fought to decrease funding. Now they are utilizing a new strategy: demanding programming that reflects their ideology. New shows have emerged with conservative hosts and airtime has been cut for those seen as carrying a left wing agenda.

Is the new face of PBS more fair and balanced? How much control should the government have over programming decisions? In today’s diversified media market, is a move from a successful niche into the mainstream good for PBS?

Join us at a Café Society to discuss the past, present and future of public television.

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