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Café Society: Teacher Accountability & Evaluation

Guest Speaker: Debby Pope

The federal No Child Left Behind Act requires that all teachers be “highly qualified” by the end of the 2006 school year. These requirements are forcing the Illinois Board of Education to make changes in how they evaluate teachers.

As the Chicago Sun-Times stated, “Illinois officials in 2003 estimated 2.1 percent of classes are not being taught by ‘highly qualified’ teachers, and in high- poverty schools, 5.4 percent…The state board also estimated up to 25,000 Illinois teachers and substitutes could be out of a job if they didn’t meet the new federal/state guidelines.”

We hold students accountable to high standards. They are rigorously evaluated with quizzes, exams, papers and standardized tests, but how are their teachers judged?

What is the best way to evaluate teachers’ abilities to meet the needs of students, parents, schools and their communities? Should their raises be tied to their performance? Will new standards dissuade individuals from entering a profession already suffering from declining numbers? Join us at Café Society and tell us how you think teachers should be tested?

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DEBBY POPE is currently a history and ESL teacher at Gage Park High School. For three years she worked for the Chicago Teachers’ Union under the leadership of Debbie Lynch. She was the newspaper editor and then the Director of Education and Labor Relations. In that role she was very involved with several groups of reform organizations who were working on assessment policy proposals.

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