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Café Society: Social Security Insecurities

The debate over social security has turned up in the last few months. The President asserts social security is in crisis and we must make changes right away to avoid it. His opponents say there is no crisis and suggest that this scenario bears similarities to the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Some go as far to say that the President is using this issue to divert the public’s attention away from Iraq.

Knowing that one can use statistics to say anything and that it is impossible predict market forces with 100% accuracy, how can we come to a decision about social security reform? Is it possible to find any truth in this tangled mess?

Furthermore, although the President says his reforms will not change for current retirees, how will people who receive benefits through Disability Insurance be affected? On a larger scale, how does our approach to this issue relate to our interpretation of the role of government?

Join us at a Cafe Society discussion this week to voice your opinion on Social Security Reform.

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