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Café Society: Should Children Be Seen & Not Heard? Attitudes Toward Kids in Public Spaces

A few weeks ago, the owner of a café on the north side of Chicago posted a sign on the door, “Children of all ages have to behave and use their indoor voices when coming to A Taste of Heaven.” A firestorm of controversy has since erupted between parents who take serious offense at this statement and who vigorously support it.

Through the last few centuries, our attitudes towards children have evolved to recognize the “best interest of the child” reflected in child welfare and the enactment of child labor laws. However, when encountering a situation where a child’s misbehavior or cries disrupt the noise level and order of the environment, in our current society how tolerant of children are we?

When we witness what is deemed the misbehavior of a child, many lean towards blaming the parents for not having control over their children. In this age of psychotherapy and Ritalin, is the real issue a growing climate that allows the abdication of a parent’s responsibility for their children? Because of this, are children more out of control than in the past?

How should restaurants and coffeehouses respond to parents whose children are unruly? How should other patrons respond? Is it all of our responsibility to provide support to children and parents when they act out in public?

Join us this week to share how you think people should respond to children when they misbehave in public spaces.

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