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Café Society: Mohammed in the Spotlight

In recent weeks, violence has erupted over Danish editorial cartoons depicting the prophet Mohammed in an offensive manner. As the riots have escalated, journalists, religious leaders and politicians have engaged in furious debate on the subject.

Editors at the publications in question have argued that this is a matter of freedom of speech. They maintain that while the content is offensive, they can not censor their publications simply to avoid angering this group or that, and argue that no religious group should be allowed to place their sacred symbols off limits for public debate. Should media sources re-print the cartoons? Should online publications provide links? Is there a difference? Is it responsible journalism? What are their motivations for bringing attention to these illustrations?

For those non-Muslims raised in the U.S., a largely Judeo-Christian society, how do we judge the response of those of Islamic faith that have chosen to react in violence? Is it possible for us to understand the significance of the decision to publish the cartoons or to comprehend the reaction?

Join us this week at Café Society to tell us why you have or have not chosen to view the illustrations of Mohammed.

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