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Café Society: Love, American Style: The Evolution of the Relationship

The gay marriage debate, the increasing delay of marriage, pre-marital sex, longer life spans, the divorce rate, and, of course, Big Love have engendered a re-evaluation of relationships and marriage. While polygyny, polyandry, polygamy, polyamory, and open relationships have long been considered taboo in our society, they have continued to be practiced in underground sub-cultures throughout the U.S. As intimate relations have evolved, is our society becoming more accepting of non-monogamous lifestyles?

Has the custom of dating multiple people simultaneously and having multiple sex partners prior to marriage created a wider space for polyamorous relationships? While the notion of having more than one significant and meaningful love in a lifetime has gained acceptance, is it too much to contemplate loving more than one person at once? Are concepts like commitment and fidelity exclusive to monogamous relationships?

Some argue that polygamous relationships open the door to non-consensual and thereby abusive relationships. However, are these concepts inextricably connected?

What are the reasons why individuals desire monogamous relationships? Is monogamy unnatural? Is nonmonogamy a threat to democracy?

Join us this week to share your thoughts on sex, love and marriage.

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