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Café Society: Ipods: Are You (Dis)Connected?

Ipods seem to be the rage. It’s the new toy for adults, but also something their owners take quite seriously. Many profess their love for this little gizmo and share testimonials on how it has changed their lives. This rectangular device is smaller than a deck of cards, costs $250-$400, and allows it’s user to easily access 10,000 of their favorite or even not so favorite songs.

Speakers, microphones, adapters for your car, clothing with pockets specifically designed for easy carrying, websites to download tunes, books, instructional tapes, companies that will save you the grief of downloading the soundtrack of your life are all part of a new econ omy that has emerged because of the ipod.

It has been labeled as a status symbol, a subculture identifier, and a liberator. It has also been accused of causing the further breakdown of society. When people lose themselves in their ipod are they losing out on humans contact? Are they isolating themselves by muting the sounds of their environment or the environment?

Are ipods different from other inventions of the past? Will this fad end up by the wayside like cabbage patch dolls, hula hoops and children named Brittany? Is the focus on ipods and the affect they are having on our culture all hype? Come to Café Society to tell us why you loath ipods/love ipods.

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