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Café Society: How Do We Understand Wrongful Conviction in Our Society?

Martin Luther King, Jr. was placed in prison for his actions, just as Nelson Mandela was imprisoned in South Africa under that unjust regime. Are there unnamed in Guantanamo who are wrongfully convicted? How do we as a society confront the failures of our criminal justice system?

What are our responsibilities to the wrongly convicted? Each day men and women are incarcerated. Without a doubt, some of these people are innocent. Does society have a responsibility to continue the search for justice once someone has been tried and convicted?

When it is discovered that someone has been wrongfully convicted, these men and women are thrust back into society, ignored by the government, with no money, no jobs and no support–how do they reclaim their lives? What responsibility does our society have to ensure that these individuals, whose lives have been irrevocably altered by the system’s mistakes, are able to recover their lives?

Join us at Café Society this week to discuss human rights and society’s moral obligation to the innocent.

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