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Café Society: Global Warming: Should We Care?

For over a decade, the scientific community has debated the reality of global warming. While a majority of researchers agree that the temperature of the planet is rising, the cause of this phenomenon and its effects are still in dispute. One thing is clear, as the developing world industrializes, the use of fossil fuels has skyrocketed. The amount of carbon being pumped into our atmosphere continues to grow despite efforts designed to slow emissions such as the Kyoto Protocol.

The debate surrounding global warming encompasses virtually every aspect of modern life. The economic, environmental and political ramifications of any plan to reduce the amount of carbon in our atmosphere has served to inhibit all such actions thus far. Although there have been several attempts to create some sort of global consensus to deal with the situation, the ultimate result to this point has been failure.

What is causing the temperature of our planet to rise? What can be done to prevent further increases? Can global warming be blamed for Hurricane Katrina, the tsunami and other natural disasters?

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