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Café Society: Faith in Politics

In recent decades the Republican party has made a considerable effort to become the party of the Christian community. Many within the party openly rely on their religious values to inform their positions and to drive participation in the political realm. The Democratic party has watched as Republican influence within the nation’s churches has grown, and many have concluded that the quickest path to political success lies in emulating their opponents across the aisle.

Earlier this summer, Illinois Senator Barack Obama suggested Democrats would be wise to take a similar approach. He was responding in part to the charge his opponent, Alan Keyes, made in the 2004 congressional race that “Jesus would not vote for Barack Obama.” He urged his party to recognize the importance of the role of faithfor the majority of Americans. Has the left neglected or alienated the majority of Christians? Is the left, in fact, devoid of spirituality?

Not long after, violence erupted between Israel and Lebanon. Many evangelical Christians in the United States openly support Israel, seeing its establishment and the current conflict as the fulfillment of biblical prophecy. In our increasingly global society, is religion causing more harm than good?

Where should the line between the religious and the political be drawn? Does the insertion of faith into our government hurt or help us as a society?

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