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Café Society: Crisis in North Korea

Earlier this month North Korea again took center stage in global affairs when it conducted a nuclear test. Since then, the United Nation Security Council has unanimously voted to imposed sanctions banning the importation of materials related to weapons of mass destruction, ballistic missiles, some conventional weapons, and luxury goods.

During intense diplomatic negotiations, UN Security Council members struggled to find consensus on how harshly the regime should be disciplined.Doubts abound over whether sanctions will work. A number of experts have warned that sanctions are futile for a nation that already operates in isolation, and a few have called for military action.

Will this current strategy of deterrence through sanctions lead North Korea to disarm?What is at stake for Japan, China, and South Korea in this current stand-off?Is a military response a realistic option?

Join us this week at Café Society to discuss the North Korea’s impact on the global community.

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