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Café Society: Child Sexual Abuse - Are We Doing Enough?

Now more than at any other time in our history, with the scandals consuming the Catholic Church, the release of the film “The Woodsman” and Michael Jackson’s trial, the issue of child sexual abuse is in the public eye. As we acknowledge that this horrific crime can and does happen to our friends, sisters, brothers and our own children, we have begun to move beyond the traditional response of denial and silence.

Because of this recognition, more support services are available for victims, we teach our children prevention techniques, and require background checks for their caretakers. We also prosecute, incarcerate and register child molesters.

However, knowing that incarceration is not that same as rehabilitation and that recidivism rates are high for child molesters, do we need to be doing more?

As a society do we need to further challenge ourselves on this issue and pursue additional solutions? Are there ways we can hold someone accountable when it is friend or family member who has been sexually abusive toward a child? Do people who commit this crime have mental health issues and if so is it fair to convict them? Is there a moral association with this crime that ends up influencing our perception of victims? Join us at a Café Society discussion to explore this issue that affects so many lives and also affects our communities.

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