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Café Society: Are We Sex-Negative or Sex-Positive?

Generally speaking, when sex makes the news it is within the context of a sexual assault, battles being waged over contraception or abortion, or the moral and legal boundaries of pornography. Is there a place in our society to talk constructively and instructively about sexual pleasure?

There are suggestions of a new movement evolving recently known as “pleasure activism”. Pleasure activists argue that our culture in the U.S. is anti-sexual pleasure, and so they promote the concept that sexual health is so fundamental to our existence it should be designated a human right. Furthermore, they support the notion that the realization of sexual rights, including pleasure, joy and fulfillment, are inextricably linked to equity and empowerment.

Sex education for young people and adults usually refers to the biology of reproduction, contraception and sexually transmitted infections. Should masturbation and sexual pleasure be a part of sex education? Would we be more liberated if we lowered prohibitions on sexual representation in public places or is our culture already too sex saturated? Is the pursuit of pleasure inherently selfish?

Are people closer to being in touch with their sexuality today than they were in past decades? Are we closer to sexual satisfaction?

Join us this week to share your thoughts on sexual fulfillment.

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