Past Event

Bob Dylan at 70

Café Society will meet at Valois on Thursday, June 2

From “Busy being born” by John Dickerson

“Bob Dylan is turning 70, and here we all come: the writers, the critics, the biographers, the song-quoters—and not one of us with a cake or a candle. Each of us thinks we know how best to celebrate the changeling who has changed our lives. Dylan has been called the voice of a generation. It’s true. He’s given voice to generations of writers who say he inspired them. If every person has a book in them, it seems every writer has a Dylan book—or at least an essay—in them.”

Questions for Consideration

Why does Bob Dylan still strike such an emotional chord in so many people? What is Bob Dylan’s legacy? What makes him so different from other artists in his time? Why was his music so important to various social movements? Why do you think Dylan is quoted by judges in our justice system more than any other musician?

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