Past Event

Bars, da Business, & Benefits: A Conversation about Social Consciousness, Community, and Giving Back

Join us for a lively conversation with leaders from Mucca Pazza, The Hideout, Backstory Cafe, Epiphany Church, Kuma’s Corner, Quennect 4, and Danny’s Tavern, among others. This event is organized and facilitated by Kristen Cox, guest advisor for Issue #8 of AREA Chicago, in collaboration with The Public Square. Snacks will be provided.
What do a restaurant owner, band leader, and reverend have in common? Here in Chicago, these small business owners have integrated fundraising for local social justice organizations into their business practices. Join a group of committed entrepreneurs, promoters, cultural workers, and musicians for a conversation about the important role that independent business can play in raising consistent resources for activist and nonprofit communities.

As we witness budget cuts across the nonprofit and service sector, how can we think and work creatively to raise much-needed financial support for our social justice work? Peace Parties, Waiter Tip Collections, Veggie Bingo, and Jammin’ for Justice are just a few examples of this breed of socially conscious entrepreneurship. Is this the wave of the future in fundraising for social justice? What’s behind the generosity of these business owners? And how do we motivate others to do the same?

This event is co-sponsored by AREA Chicago  and The Public Square.


For more information, call 312.422.5580.