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Artists, Activists & Authors After Hours with Katrina vanden Heuvel

Sorry, due to overwhelming response. We are no longer taking reservations for this event!

Please join us for an evening of food, wine, and provocative conversation with Katrina vanden Heuvel, editor of the “The Nation,” as she discusses the importance of independent media and the responsibility of the press in a democratic society. Katrina will be joined by “The Nation” Washington Correspondent, John Nichols.

Katrina vanden Heuvel has been “The Nation’s” editor since 1995 and its publisher since November of 2005. She is the author of the recent “Dictionary of Republicanisms” (Nation Books) and the co-editor of “Taking Back America–And Taking Down The Radical Right” (NationBooks, 2004). She is also co-editor (with Stephen F. Cohen) of “Voices of Glasnost: Interviews with Gorbachev’s Reformers” (Norton, 1989) and editor of “The Nation: 1865-1990” (The Nation, 2000) and the collection “A Just Response: The Nation on Terrorism, Democracy and September 11, 2001” (Last Gasp, 2002). A frequent commentator on US and international politics on MSNBC, CNN, and PBS, her articles have appeared in “The Washington Post,” “The Los Angeles Times,” “The New York Times,” and “The Boston Globe.”

John Nichols is the author, most recently, of “Tragedy & Farce: How American Media Sell Wars, Spin Elections and Destroy Democracy” (New Press). He is also the author, with Bob McChesney, of “It’s the Media, Stupid” (Seven Stories), which features introductions by Ralph Nader, Barbara Ehrenreich and Paul Wellstone, and Jews for Buchanan, on the 2000 presidential election. He has covered progressive politics and activism in the United States and abroad for more than a decade. His articles have appeared in “The New York Times,” “The Chicago Tribune” and dozens of other newspapers.

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