Past Event

Art of Survival: Women, Healing, and the Arts Opening Reception

Art of Survival is a group exhibition of art works by women survivors of violence who participated in the Art for Empowerment program at The Women’s Center. The goal of this exhibition, on display through April 30th, is to demonstrate the importance of art as a source of healing and empowerment.

The works displayed at the show will be included in the upcoming book that is funded bya mini-grant from the Illinois Humanities Council. The book, which bares the same title as the exhibit, will focus on the transformational and empowering impact of the creative process through the works of women artists and survivors of abuse. It will also reflect on relevance of art and aesthetic experience to life of women and its impact on the betterment of the human spirit.

Note: April is Sexual Violence Awareness Month

Bookstore Hours: Monday – Saturday 11a – 6p.

For more information, please contact Rosetta Stone Bookstore at (618) 457-5410 or The Women’s Center, Inc. at (618) 549-4807.