Past Event

Anita Hill

Rachel Caidor, Assistant Director at UIC’s Campus Advocacy Network, will be joining us as our guest speaker.
Frieda Mock’s documentary “Anita” tells the story of Anita Hill who challenged Justice Clarence Thomas’s Supreme Court nomination and sparked a national conversation about sexual harassment.  

Questions For Consideration:
How has Anita Hill’s case changed the way we view, and how the media covers, sexual harassment? Was the dispute just a “he said/she said” encounter that can ever be completely settled? In what way can Hill’s testimony be considered a “landmark event” in social and legal terms? How might the case help teach a new generation about sexual harassment and gender issues?
Want to learn more?

Rachel Caidor has worked in Chicago’s anti-violence against women community since 1998.  She’s served as a medical and legal advocate for survivors of sexual assault, coordinated the Chicago Rape Crisis Hotline, and YWCA Metropolitan Chicago’s Medical Advocacy Program.  Rachel has also taught several courses in departments of Women and Gender Studies.  She is currently an Assistant Director at UIC’s Campus Advocacy Network.

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