Past Event

Amigos of the Allies: Mexicans in WWII

The role of Mexico as a World War II ally is little known. Mexican contributions to the World War II effort were diverse, multi-faceted and are often overlooked or lost in the shadow of the major powers. Three major contributory areas will be explored: Diplomacy, Labor and active military service, or more specfically: 1. Mexican government policy of welcoming Jewish refugees from Nazi occupied areas. 2. Deployment of large numbers of Mexican immigrant workers to fill much needed labor shortages in the U.S. 3. Mexican-Americans from throughout the U.S. who served with distinction in the US Armed Forces. The combat record of the Azteca Aguilas (Eagles), a squadron of the Mexican Air Force who served with distinction in the Pacific arena will also be highlighted. Available in English, Spanish or bilingual formats.

This event is Free and Open to the public. For more information, please contact Kelly A. Cuci, 708-428-5114 – OPPL Room 104.