Past Event

Alcohol Awareness Month: The Alcohol Insanity Tour

Since colonial times, public views on what constitutes appropriate drinking have undergone drastic changes.

Alcohol has been celebrated, demonized, and prohibited at various times in American history, but in the last decade, widespread publicity about the dangers of alcohol and addiction have resulted in stricter laws and an increased number of Americans admitted to alcohol treatment programs.

Inspirational speaker and comedienne Wendi Fox uses her own experiences and a balance of humor and insight to tell the story of how three generations of her family struggled with excessive drinking and reckless behavior. She sends a strong message about what they learned and what they lost.

A nationally acclaimed speaker and “comedic scholar,” Fox is also the author of a book entitled The Spirit of a Child and has been promoting alcohol awareness on college campuses for over 16 years.

This event is part of Lake Land College’s Arts and Humanities series.

For more information, contact Ron Sanderson, special projects coordinator, at (217)234-5558 or visit Lake Land College’s website.