Past Event

A Conversation with Gregor Mendel

A Road Scholar program by Brian “Fox” Ellis

A monograph by Gregor Mendel, Experiments in Plant Hybridization (1865), changed the way the world looked at genetics and heredity. An Augustinian monk, Mendel laid the foundation for modern genetics and helped create a new method of scientific research, namely statistical analysis. Modern breakthroughs in genetic engineering, medicine, and agriculture are, in large part, based on Mendel’s research conducted in the Abbey of St. Thomas in Brno, in what is now the Czech Republic. Join storyteller Brian “Fox” Ellis as he steps into the robes of Gregor Mendel in this first-person characterization, transporting audiences into the monastery where, among other things, he taught high school biology. Spend an hour in a dynamic and challenging classroom, debating the future with a better understanding of the past.

For more information contact Mrs. Joan Criswell, 309.688.5496.