Session List: 2018 People-Powered Publishing Conference

Stay tuned: more sessions will be added to the roster soon!


Engagement and the Question of “Impact:” Institutions, Communities, and Approaches to Change
Thursday, November 15
6:30 — 8:00 PM
Film Row Auditorium (1104 S Wabash Ave, Fl 8)

Andrea Hart (Moderator)
Co-Founder and Director of Community Engagement, City Bureau

Jennifer Brandel
Co-Founder and CEO, Hearken

Eric Gordon
Engagement Lab Director and Professor of Visual and Media Arts, Emerson College

Sharlyn Grace
Co-Founder and Co-Executive Director, Chicago Community Bond Fund

Darryl Holliday
Co-Founder and News Lab Director, City Bureau

Lewis Wallace
Independent Writer, Editor and Multimedia Journalist

Charles Preston
Contributing Writer, Chicago Defender; Chicago community activist

“Engagement” often gets defined in terms of a broad set of goals: to make information institutions more open, responsive and accountable, and to better fulfill communities’ information needs. But what does that actually look like? How do we get there – and how do we know when we have?

The plenary session of the 2018 People-Powered Publishing Conference will highlight lessons from newsrooms, academic research and community organizing and activism – and explore how, together, they might suggest a practical, change-oriented path forward for engagement.

Lunch Workshop

Story Doctor with Curious City (RSVP Required)
Thursday, November 15
12:00 — 1:30 PM
Room 808

Katherine Nagasawa
Multimedia Producer, Curious City

Jesse Dukes
Audio Producer, Curious City

Alexandra Salomon
Editor, Curious City

Shawn Allee
Senior Editor, Curious City


People-Powered Coverage of Immigrant Communities at a Time of Fear
Thursday, November 15
1:30 — 2:30 PM
Room 837

Yana Kunichoff
Staff Writer, Migratory Notes

Alex Hernandez
Engagement Director, 90 Days, 90 Voices

Alejandro Fernández S.
Freelance Investigative Journalist

Melissa Sanchez
Investigative Reporter, ProPublica Illinois

Using Research to Engage Communities: Bridging the Gap Between Academics and Media
Friday, November 16
9:30 — 10:30 AM
Room 836

Andrea Wenzel
Assistant Professor, Temple University

Jeanette Woods
Coordinating Producer and Editor, Community Media, WHYY

The Trust Gap: How Citizens Define Trust and How Journalists Can Earn It
Thursday, November 15
9:45 — 10:45 AM
Room 836

Lisa Heyamoto
Senior Journalism Instructor, University of Oregon School of Journalism and Communication

Todd Milbourn
Instructor and Co-Director, Journalism Master’s Program, University of Oregon School of Journalism and Communication

Localore Live: Making Stories With and For the People
Friday, November 16
9:30 — 10:30 AM
Room 837

Tran Vu
Program Director, Association of Independents in Radio

Ryan McGrath
Web Producer, Association of Independents in Radio

Amy Feiereisel
Producer, Localore Live

Brittany Thomas
Producer, Localore Live

Reporting for America
Thursday, November 15
4:15 — 5:15 PM
Film Row Auditorium

Kevin Grant
Co-Founder and Executive Editor, The GroundTruth Project; VP for Strategic Initiatives, Report for America

Chris Fusco
Editor-in-Chief, Chicago Sun-Times

Manny Ramos
Report for America corps member, Chicago Sun-Times

R.L. Nave
Editor-in-Chief, Mississippi Today

Michelle Liu
Report for America corps member, Mississippi Today

Bring It In and Pay It Forward: Putting the Community’s Skills at the Heart of Reporting
Friday, November 16
11:00 AM — 12:00 PM
Room 837

Madalina Ciobanu
Project Manager, Engaged Journalism Accelerator, European Journalism Center

Rachel Hamada
Community Organizer, Bureau Local

Social Justice Stories Across Diasporas: Lessons from Reporting on Chicago and Puerto Rico
Thursday, November 15
3:00 — 4:00 PM
Film Row Auditorium

Kari Lydersen
Co-Director, Social Justice News Nexus, Medill School of Journalism

Marla Pérez Lugo
University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez

Cecilio Ortiz García
University of Puerto Rico, Mayguez

Adriana Cardona-Maguigad
Reporter, WBEZ; Former reporter, Univision

Two Mothers and a Podcast
Thursday, November 15
11:00 AM — 12:00 PM
Film Row Auditorium

Alison Flowers
Journalist, Author and Producer, Invisible Institute

Shapearl Wells
Investigative Podcast Host

Tune In. Turn Up! Community-Building and Disruption of Mainstream Media
Thursday, November 15
1:30 — 2:30 PM
Film Row Auditorium

Logan Bay
Station Director, Lumpen Radio

Vanessa Sanchez
Director, Yollocalli Youth Arts Reach

Stephanie Manriquez
Instructor, Yollocalli Youth Arts Reach

Yollocalli students (TBA)

Strengthen Your Community and Your Journalism by Designing New Public Conversations
Thursday, November 15
9:45 — 10:45 AM
Room 837

Anne Hillman
Solutions Desk Reporter, Alaska Public Media

Doug Oplinger
Project Manager, Your Voice Ohio

Andrew Rockway
Program Director, The Jefferson Center

When Engagement Goes Sideways: How USC Annenberg Center for Health Journalism Fellows Navigated Roadblocks
Thursday, November 15
4:15 — 5:15 PM
Room 837

Olivia Henry
Engagement Editor, Center for Health Journalism

Michelle Levander
Director, USC Annenberg Center for Health Journalism

Bob Ortega
Senior Writer, CNN Investigations

Mackenzie Mays
Investigative Reporter, Fresno Bee

Rethink Your Comments
Thursday, November 15
1:30 — 2:30 PM
Room 835

Andrew Losowsky
Project Lead, The Coral Project

Lessons from Gather, A Project and Platform to Support Community-MInded Journalists and Other Engagement Professionals
Thursday, November 15
11:00 AM — 12:00 PM
Room 836

Andrew DeVigal
Endowed Chair in Journalism Innovation & Civic Engagement, Agora Journalism Center, University of Oregon

Additional speakers TBA

Supercharge Your Collaborations: How Multi-Newsroom Partnerships and Community Engagement Can Enhance One Another
Thursday, November 15
9:45 — 10:45 AM
Film Row Auditorium

Jean Friedman-Rudovsky
Co-Executive Director, Resolve Philadelphia; Editor, Broke in Philly

Emma Restrepo
Host, ParaTi Mujer Radio Program

Antoine Haywood
Doctoral Student, University of Pennsylvania, Annenberg School for Communication; former Director of Outreach, PhillyCAM (Community Access Media)

Al Lubrano
Staff Writer, Philadelphia Inquirer

Looking at “Engaged” Journalism as Just Good Journalism
Friday, November 16
11:00 AM — 12:00 PM
Room 836

Jesse Hardman (moderator)
Listening Post Collective Program Manager, Internews

Dawaune Lamont Hayes
Director, North Omaha Information Support Everyone (NOISE)

Carmen Velasco Roman
Community Manager, Information as Aid Puerto Rico

Why You (Still) Need to Be There
Thursday, November 15
11:00 AM — 12:00 PM
Room 837

Dennis Anderson
Executive Editor, Peoria Journal Star

Out in the Field: Connecting with Rural Audiences
Friday, November 16
9:30 — 10:30 AM
Film Row Auditorium

Terry Parris Jr. (Moderator)
Deputy Editor, Engagement, ProPublica

Beena Raghavendran
Engagement Reporting Fellow, ProPublica Local Reporting Network

Pamela Dempsey
Executive Director, Midwest Center for Investigative Reporting

Kristin Walters
Senior Engagement Strategist, Illinois Newsroom

When the “Audience” and the “Public” Differ, Which Should Journalists Pursue?
Friday, November 16
11:00 AM — 12:00 PM
Film Row Auditorium

Jacob Nelson
Assistant Professor, Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication, Arizona State University

Work With Your Audience Members for Fun and Profit
Friday, November 16
1:30 — 3:00 PM
Film Row Auditorium

Jennifer Brandel
Co-Founder and CEO, Hearken

Andrew Haeg
CEO, GroundSource

Ben Whitelaw
Engagement Lead, Engaged Journalism Accelerator, European Journalism Center

Emily Goligoski
Research Director, Membership Puzzle

Fake News, Real People: Community Engagement at the Intersection of Theater and Journalism
Thursday, November 15
3:00 — 4:00 PM
Room 837

Coya Paz
Artistic Director, Free Street Theater

Katrina Dion
Operations and Youth Program Manager, Free Street Theater

Logan Jaffe
Engagement Reporter, ProPublica Illinois


Advance registration is required to participate in the Clinic track. Participants should plan to attend all five clinics. Click here to apply to participate in the Clinic track.

System and Stakeholder Mapping, Part 1
Find Water in a Media Desert: Mapping Information Ecosystems to Serve Local News Needs
Thursday, November 15
9:45 – 11:15 AM
Location TBD

Michelle Ferrier
Dean, School of Journalism & Graphic Communication, Florida A&M University

Fiona Morgan
Principal, Branchhead Consulting

Mapping the media ecosystem is a critical first step to identifying a community’s information needs and discovering opportunities to serve it.

Understanding how people who lack access to local news fill the gaps helps you see the organizations, networks and individuals your community can leverage to strengthen existing communication ecosystems. This ethnographic, asset-based approach will teach participants strategies for mapping communication flows and designing new information sources. We’ll look at both traditional and non-traditional news and information sources as well as digital and analog assessment techniques, using human-centered design, social media monitoring and user personas.

We’ll also talk about how the mapping process itself offers an opportunity to engage community stakeholders in developing projects in the earliest stages, increasing buy-in and positioning projects for greater impact, community ownership and sustainability.

System and Stakeholder Mapping, Part 2
Systems thinking for journalism: Working with your community to address complex problems
Thursday, November 15
11:30 AM – 1:00 PM
Location TBD

Heather Chaplin
Director, Journalism + Design, The New School

Cole Goins
Engagement Lead, Journalism + Design, The New School

Kayla Christopherson
Program Associate, Journalism + Design, The New School

Finding effective ways to tackle the most pressing challenges in our communities requires a holistic, collaborative approach. Using a practice called systems thinking, journalists can take an active role in examining complex issues with the help of community stakeholders, surfacing opportunities to meet information needs and tell stories that can help spark change.

The New School’s Journalism + Design program has developed a series of workshops and resources to help journalists apply systems thinking when digging into difficult problems. In this session, J+D staff will introduce participants to flexible tools for identifying and collaborating with stakeholders around a particular issue.

Clinic participants will learn the fundamentals of how systems thinking can open up new avenues for their reporting, create an “actor map” for a story, topic, or problem that they’re exploring, and develop storytelling and engagement strategies that empower people to take action.

Don’t Just Engage, Organize! Learn How Outreach, Relationships and Sharing Power Can Build a Movement for Better Local News
Thursday, November 15
1:45 – 3:45 PM
Location TBD

Mike Rispoli
News Voices Director, Free Press

James Thompson
Organizer, Free Press

Alicia Bell
Organizer, Free Press

For three years, News Voices has brought an organizing approach to engaged journalism, and we’ve found communities are eager to be part of the conversation about local news. By organizing, we mean a set of specific principles and practices such as outreach, building and sharing, developing leadership and reporting with rather than for communities to serve their needs.

In this clinic, participants will learn from News Voices organizers in the field about what the basic frameworks of organizing are and how journalists can adapt them to build deep trust and commit incredible journalism. We’ll discuss the challenges these strategies may present for reporters and how to address them.

Each participant will have the opportunity to workshop a specific idea or challenge and receive coaching from our team and from a small-group of peer participants. We’ll reflect back as a full group on the projects and ideas people have been exploring. Participants will walk away with tools and templates for applying these principles to their work, and contacts with fellow participants and clinic organizers who can support their efforts in the coming months.

Developing Engaged Journalism Through Dialogue: The World Café Method
Thursday, November 15
4:00 – 6:00 PM
Location TBD

Jesikah Maria Ross
Senior Engagement Strategist, Capitol Public Radio

A description of this clinic is coming soon.

What is Accountable Local Community Reporting?
Friday, November 16
9:00 – 11:00 AM

Andrea Hart
Co-Founder and Director of Community Engagement, City Bureau

Jen Sabella
Co-Founder, Block Club Chicago

Val Free
Southeast Block Club Alliance

Jahmal Cole
My Block, My Hood, My City

Demario Phipps-Smith
Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief, CULTURE

This clinic introduces models for how news outlets can partner with community groups to do better, more accountable local reporting. Drawing on our experiences creating reporting partnerships, we’ll go through when things haven’t worked, share lessons learned, highlight triumphs, and showcase tools of what we use to get these kinds of partnerships off the ground.

We’ll allow for participants to explore these tools and give feedback on what would/wouldn’t work for them.